DNA and Wellness

Unlock Total Wellness With Your DNA

Tired of one-size-fits-all solutions? Not reaching your wellness goals even though you've tried everything?

The MyHealthyLife DNA Kit and Wellness Platform unlocks genetic clues to why your body works the way it does and what it needs to thrive. Our team of geneticists delivers reports that give powerful insight into your genetic makeup and personalized recommendations that make it easier to follow your best path to optimal wellness.
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How MyHealthyLife DNA Testing Works

When you have your DNA tested with MyHealthyLife, you can be confident your DNA data is encrypted and 100% secure. Your personalized reports are based on our secure algorithm that analyzes over 130 genetic traits and is backed by more than 600 peer-reviewed scientific studies – one of the largest genetic libraries in the world!

Step 1

DNA Testing

Have your DNA tested by our lab or upload DNA results you already have from 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree DNA.

Step 2

DNA Analysis

We compare your gene variants with every study to validate your DNA results. Many studies lack the proper research protocols to ensure unbiased results, so for us it’s critical to assess every single study for accuracy and validity.

Step 3

Personalized Reports

Receive your personalized set of reports and learn things you never knew about your body! These reports explain your genetic strengths, weaknesses, and the precise actions you can take to counteract any adverse genetic tendencies you may have!

Step 4

Get Well Soon

Your reports will give you an abundance of specific recommendations as you embark on your wellness journey. Start by making bite-sized changes and begin to know how real wellness feels!

The MyHealthyLife Wellness Dashboard

Because there are so many different aspects to wellness, the MyHealthyLife package includes a set of 6 reports:
  • Nutrition
  • Skincare
  • Personality & Cognition
  • Fitness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Immunity & Vitamins
And if you opt for our Platinum Member program, you will receive new reports fresh off the press, as they come in!

Nutrition Report

Discover the best (and worst) foods for your DNA. Eat smarter and live better.

Fitness Report

Experience the best workout of your life. See what exercises are right for you. 

Immunity and Vitamins

Learn which vitamins, nutrients, and supplements you need.


Safely treat your skin and reveal the best complexion of your life.

Personality and Cognition

Discover yourself, your intelligence, personality, and strange facts about you.

Health and Wellness

Take care of your body the smart way: with genetic insights and powerful strategies.

DNA Security:
Our Promise to You

Your DNA security is our top priority.

When you have your DNA tested or upload your DNA to MyHealthyLife, you retain 100% ownership over your data. We will NEVER sell your data, and we will NEVER share it without your permission.

There is no way to attach your DNA to your name or personal information, and you can have your DNA information deleted any time. Your data is 100% encrypted, 100% private, and 100% secure.