About Us

About Us: Who’s Behind MyHealthyLife?

MyHealthyLife is the first DNA testing and wellness platform of its kind in Canada, brought to you by Health First Network in collaboration with partners whose collective vision is to help people in their communities live healthier lives. People like YOU.

About Health First Network

We are a non-profit organization of Canadian independent health and wellness retailers who were united over 20 years ago by the common belief that people, community, the environment, and natural health and wellness come first. Health First Network Member Stores are the heart and soul of natural health and wellness in their communities, offering trusted, neighborhood places for education, personalized advice, and end-to-end natural health solutions to help Canadians optimize their health. Find your closest Health First Network Member Store here.

About Out Partners

LifeDNA is the world-class genomics firm that powers the MyHealthyLife Wellness Platform. Health First was seeking a partner who had not only the robust scientific foundation to ensure our platform would remain at the cutting edge of genetic research, but who also shared our core values and considered the security of our customers’ DNA data to be top priority.

LifeDNA’s scientists and geneticists have a combination of 4 decades of genetic experience and have worked in partnership with the World Health Organization in COVID-19 research. Their secure algorithm is based on more than 600 peer- reviewed scientific studies and analyzes more than 130 genetic traits. All customer DNA data is encrypted and 100% secure. Just as important, LifeDNA’s reason for being is to inspire people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Brand Partners

We at Health First Network only partner with the top natural health food and supplement brands in Canada. To become a brand partner with Health First Network, companies must deliver natural health products of the highest quality and purity, with proven potency, efficacy and regulatory compliance. Health First Network is the bond between our Member Retailers, Brand Partners and Canadian communities. Together, we bring the highest quality natural health foods and supplements to our fellow Canadians who believe in the power of natural solutions to maintain a lifetime of good health.